We love to serve curated coffee experiences.

Coffee has always been a practice of intention for us. From the first time we tasted a coffee unlike anything we’ve ever had before, to the first time we roasted and served our own. Coffee surrounded all of our activities: cycling, skateboarding, woodworking, fitness, life. Each has one thing in common: We’ve had to fall, stumble, fail, start over, and try again. Coffee’s no different. Through hours of failures and successes, we’ve found joy in a labor of love.

In carpentry, a Bevel is a detail added to furniture or wooden pieces - an angled edge. A Bevel isn’t usually structural, but it adds a detail that gives the piece new life beyond a regular cutting board or chair. We love the concept of bringing intention and attention to fine details that make the mundane come to life. Coffee calls us to do the same. To be meticulous, unwavering, and responsible with every batch we roast, brew, and serve. To pay attention to details and bring intention to how we interact with coffee and our community. To brew responsibly.

Bevel Coffee is a mobile espresso bar and roaster based in Monrovia, CA. While we don't have a brick and mortar shop yet, we're working towards it! We currently do pop-ups at farmer's markets, other businesses, and cater private events in the surrounding areas. Be sure to follow our Instagram to see where we're popping up next!